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Hi and thanks for being a Holothink customer.

You would not be here if you had not purchased a CD from us and followed the web address to use the 20% discount coupon. As a reward for finding your way here, we are going to give you an even better deal; the coupon code is now worth 25% off of any product linked to this page.

We may not have every one of our products listed here right now, but we will keep adding them as we can until all Holothink, Inc. programs are included here.

  • Just click on the name of the product to go to it’s sales page
  • Enter the coupon code and the price will be adjusted
  • add as many programs as you like to the shopping cart
  • when you go to checkout, you will get the discount on all of the programs you selected.

Holothink Programs


Totally Tranquil:
The Totally Tranquil program was designed with the person who’s overstressed in mind.

By listening to the Totally Tranquil program you’ll feel a sense of calm relaxation that helps you unwind from a hectic day.

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