Deep Zen, Deep Discount

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Since you already understand the immense benefits of unaided meditation it’s not necessary that we take any of your time explaining.  We do believe, however, that you will enjoy reading these testimonials from customers, real people just like you and I, who have used the Deep Zen program to the benefit of the entire life – career, family, health, and more.

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

I have meditated since the 70’s at times intermittently and very infrequently over the last decade. I have felt the desire to commit to a practice, for all the reasons we know meditation is beneficial. I wanted to cut to the chase and get deeper benefits faster, because time is precious and there are many things I love to do.  Although I live in the US, I am in the middle of a nine month stay in England to be near my grandchild, so there are many temporary changes in my life.

What I am finding with Deep Zen, is that what would otherwise be stresses, are not.

All my relationships feel enhanced by my practice, not because I parade my practice, but because I am more appropriately attendant to each person I love, including myself.

If feels a lot like I have dusted and vacuumed my life. I find myself fully embracing each day and my daily experiences are more mindful.  My disciplines are more focused (and this is prior to using laser focus).

My experience of pleasure in discipline is a wonderful surprise as sometimes I avoid things because I think I will be bored by having to commit myself too much to a chosen activity. I work in a number of creative ways, and I know from past experience that meditation boosts my dedication and that is exactly what is happening only in a shorter time.

I think it has been less than a month since I began. 

So, there you have it.

Thank you for creating this

Sincerely, Shere Coleman

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

“I have been using Holothink for just over a month now. I have already noticed it have a positive effect on my life. My concentration is better, my memory has improved and I feel calm inside and am able to look at life more objectively. I have done some meditation before and enjoy yoga, Holothink goes alongside this perfectly. I will be recommending Holothink to my friends.

Thanks, Ben Turner

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

Relaxed, recharged and ready to go. Enjoyed every minute.
Bill Swartz

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

Feel free to edit or reduce. Had a lot to say. Prefer not to use my full name.

(Note from Holothink: We have not edited, and we all understand why a person wouldn’t want to have their full name published, right?  We just love, and appreciate, when our customers take the time to share their experiences.)

Dear Holothink,

I wanted to take a moment to write about my personal experiences with your products and the wonderful service you provide; you are clearly not just about making money — you want to help people and that shows in how you respond when customers need help.

I used the very expensive Centerpointe programs prior to finding your products about two years ago. The CP product worked (I am not knocking CP, which I understand has worked for lots of people), but  the program brought up some negative feelings that I didn’t like. The folks at CP talked about the possibility of this negative element happening in the product information, but I didn’t feel good about the experience (it just didn’t feel right for me) and decided to do some research about the product. You see, I was not so much interested in using these tools to resolve issues from my childhood or past. I wanted to work on overcoming generalized anxiety and fear and address some emotional symptoms associated with PMS and pre-menopause.

As I got older, there were days when I felt like my brain would grab on to one thing (something someone said the previous day, for instance, or something that happened) and just chew on it hour upon hour. Like someone sitting on a spinning top, I couldn’t let go. It was maddening. I was aware of the issue, but couldn’t turn off my head. Many of my women friends in the 30s and 40s experienced the same feelings and suggest talking to the doctor about going on medication. I have always struggled with mood swings here ‑‑ depression and anxiety run in my family – but I had always been able to use exercise and positive self-talk or yoga to address the issues. Still, things seemed to be getting worse. I really noticed a shift in my personality in the days or week before my menstrual cycle would start each month.

About  two years ago, I found Holothink while researching the negative feelings the Centerpointe program was raising. I read an independent review from a gentleman who had the same experience as I did with the CP product and switched to Holothink’s Deep Zen series.

I decided to give it a try and bought the trio of Deep Zen products. I found the Deep Zen provided a better level of relaxation than the CP product and didn’t bring up negative feelings.

For me, one of the best aspects of the Holothink series is the ability to mix and match programs. As a 45-year old graduate student with three children (ages 2, 7 and 9) and a home and work, I don’t always have 1 hour each day to find my inner Zen. But what I love about Holothink that I can use the products within the parameters of my busy life.

The Centerpointe program limited me to keeping my eyes closed or resting in one place for 1 hour every day. In addition, while CP did not suggest using the product at night, it sometimes seemed like the only time I could use the product was at night.

Unlike Centerpointe, Holothink’s variety of low-cost options have enabled me to use the products while working or moving around and at various times during the day or night. 

I use the Laser Focus when studying or cleaning the house and find that time slows down but my efficiency increases. I almost always use the creativity booster program when working on a graduate paper or writing something for work.

The Deep Zen level 2 is such a great tool for relaxing. The level of relaxation is amazing. I know we are supposed to use the Zen with eyes closed, but I have been able to use the deep Zen when working on a project and feeling a lot of anxiety.  So the product is really flexible. Even if I don’t have time to relax for 45 minutes in a quiet space, I can almost always find a few moments to do the 15-minute theta and get a nice Zen-boost to carry me through the day, start my morning or take the edge off at night.

In all honesty, I am not sure how the programs work, but they do.  Nothing is perfect, and I don’t want to act like these tools would work for everyone. But these products have worked for me.

My husband thinks I am a little wacky with the headphones going at night and when I am cleaning the house and working, but even he has noticed that when I take a few minutes each day to use these simple tools, I am more centered and relaxed.

I just wanted to say thank you.


Los Angeles

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

It’s only been a week, but I have listened to Deep Zen at least once a day. It is absolutly amazing – I am more relaxed, more calm, more focused than I have ever been before.

Also, I am sleeping better — deep restful sleep. I have struggled with anxiety and insomnia for most of my life, (and have had all the health problems that go with it). I’ve bought a lot of tapes, books and self help programs, but I wish I could have bought Deep Zen all those years ago!

After all this time, I finally found somthing that works — and it was a really good, value packed deal! I am extremely satisfied with Deep Zen!

Thanks! STEVE

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

I was surprised to find that your system was allowing me to move any extraneous thoughts to dissipate so easily.

I’ve used other systems, but always had difficulty controlling thoughts that were interfering with the process.

This is the first time I’ve been able to calmly continue with the process.

Very impressive, George Boisse

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

Deep Zen, Deep Discount

You Have Nothing To Lose With Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Holothink Satisfaction GuaranteeWe’re so sure that the Deep Zen Meditation Program will work for you that we’re willing to back it up for a full 60 days.

That’s right, if you don’t see results, we will insist that you take a full refund. Even if it’s on the 55th day of the guarantee. All you have to do is let us know and we’ll give you your money back directly from our account. It’s just that simple!

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