You know that binaural beats deliver a stimulus to your brain to produce a beat of its own which it derives by subtracting what it hears in the right ear from what it hears in the left ear, or vice versa. When your brain gets that number, your brain produces a beat.
The vibration of that beat will stimulate certain responses. You may know by now that you can use binaural beats to relax or to amp up your creativity. Which is which, and how do you know what you’re getting?
For practical purposes, you’re just going to read the label, then note or catalogue your results after listening to that set of audio tones. But binaural beats are not just some mish-mash of sounds you’re being sold for some hoodoo that works only if you believe it! Far from it!
First of all, realize that the brain functions in a variety of vibrations roughly equivalent to the first few letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha, beta, gamma (not talked about much), delta, [skip], [skip], theta.
Note we said vibrations. Therefore, something as simple as a ticking clock by your bedside can affect your entire body by changing your heart rate to synchronize with the clock (the clock won’t change; your organic heart, therefore, is the recessive object ruled by the dominant one—the clock). You are a composite of atoms that vibrate constantly. That frequency determines how those atoms appear. Changing the vibrations of atoms changes the substance that appears.
Are you beginning to understand the significance of varying your vibration by changing what you listen to? Have you every been in a loud or noisy or cacophonous environment that while it may not have been morally objectionable to you simply wound you up and made you feel anxious and irritable? (Freeway noise may serve as an example.) What if you could slap on some headphones and spend 10 minutes or an hour each evening relaxing—leaving the office behind?
Specific beat frequencies (that’s the vibrational difference between the two supplied tones) engender specific responses.
Delta—For example, if you desire super deep relaxation, the kind that is barely noticeable because…well, because you’re too relaxed to notice it…DELTA WAVES…you need the sound differential (the binaural beat) to be between 0.2 and 3.0. That is very low. (No, your dog is not going to hear this one and alert you. Probably not your significant other either.) Your ears turn on at 20 Hz…17 vibes per second above the highest effective range for deep sleep.
Below 3 Hz is the goal for deep, dreamless sleep. Entraining toward this (getting the brain to “beat” and respond to this) can ease pain and relieve diseases that are aligned with excessive vibration (tension), such as high blood pressure. This is the vibration of healing.
Theta—Next up the ladder is the 3-8 Hz range. These are theta waves. The lower rungs of this, 3-5 Hz, is super-concentration, blocking out all distractions. Next step up is 5-8 Hz, dreaming, and the opportunity for mental reprogramming. In the theta sate, you can go into a trance—or think you did. Hypnotists earn a living with you in the theta state.
Alpha—Relaxation requires a vibration of 8-12 beats per second. You’re awake and have a good sense of well-being. Not nervous or particularly anxious about anything. Most modern human beings need considerable help achieving this state.
Beta—Beta waves are the upward vibe we want to achieve and respond to to improve alertness and creativity. The highest end of this part of the scale (20-38 Hz) takes us right into the anxiety we’re turning to Holothink to avoid! But the lower echelons, say 12-20 Hz, can increase intelligence and focus, improve upon mood and emotional stability, and, get this, even speed up your metabolism!
Gamma must be the Cinderella of the bunch—always around, cleaning up after everyone else, but seldom getting out to meet her prince. Gamma waves are found in all parts of the brain, and typically vibrate at about 36-44 Hz (loud enough for the conscious ear to hear). Gamma is the project manager, coordinating everything else that happens in the brain. Our suggestion is you pay her her due!
To rein in these desirable—and controllable—brain waves, and stimulate them to do their best for you, please consider Total Tranquility by Holothink.

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