Regular meditation practice is personally rewarding and beneficial in many ways,
and I would like to share some simple methods to help you get started today.
When you try to meditate, do you struggle with random thoughts or do you simply grow bored and abandon your meditation routine?
The act of sitting completely still and silent for a period of time can be challenging for most people.
If it is for you, I have three simple ways to help you begin.
1) Get back to nature.
Meditation is not complicated. It is the practice of quieting your thoughts and focusing on something soothing. Natural settings provide the perfect forum for releasing stress and connecting to soothing sights and sounds!
Choose a beautiful natural setting and take a slow, leisurely walk through it.
Pay close attention to the beauty surrounding you. Feel the breeze on your face, and the feeling of your feet moving in a steady rhythm.
You can also just sit silently and observe nature. It is very calming to listen to the birds sing or to a brook babbling softly nearby. Just a few minutes of this every day can help soothe even chronic stress.
2) Practice mindfulness.
Meditation is a simple matter of staying in the present moment, rather than allowing your thoughts to drift forward or backward in time. Try focusing solely on whatever activity you happen to be engaged in at the moment.
Consciously detach from external distractions and thoughts that are unrelated to your current activity and simply concentrate on BEING in this moment.
When you tune in and focus your full attention on any activity, you automatically let go of worries about the future and regrets, anger and sadness about the past.
You are here in the present moment only; you are not dwelling on stress or anxiety.
You can do this with physical or mental activities.
Practice focusing your attention while doing household chores, work related tasks, errands and shopping, or cleaning and organizing.
3) Try a Meditation Aid
Meditation is a way of gaining clarity, reducing stress in your life, experiencing greater peace and happiness, and enjoying a multitude of health benefits.
Even with the amazing number of benefits of meditation, there’s still one primary reason most people don’t meditate more often: it can be a challenge to create and maintain a daily practice.

You will be pleased to know there are now highly effective tools that enable anyone to practice and benefit from meditation.
The Deep Zen audio program by Holothink is one of the best values you’ll find if you want to start meditating.
This program works for beginners, as well as advanced meditation practitioners who want to enjoy deeper levels of meditation.
The program works by listening to a special, high-tech audio program that literally trains your brainwaves to “be” in a meditative state of mind. By listening to this program a number of times, you can literally achieve a level of meditation as deep as that of a Zen monk.
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