One simple rule to achieving greater success

There is no better formula to get your life in the proper balance the infamous 80-20 rule. Haven’t heard of it? Well the 80-20 rule was first discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto more than a hundred years ago. Following this rule is incredibly powerful for combating with a time crunch and avoiding (or ending altogether) the workaholism that has afflicted much of the Western world.

I personally have adopted this rule and implemented it into my life so that I can earn a decent income with my own business, but only working about 5 or so hours per day instead of the 10+ daily hours that most people put in in order to try to get ahead. In fact, I live a very leisurely lifestyle as well as making plenty of money not to have a care in the world, all from my home office.

So what is the 80-20 rule? In a nutshell, the 80-20 rule states that the 80 percent of our productivity comes from 20 percent of our actual time and effort. You can then realize the conclusion that most people spend 80 percent of their time for very insignificant returns. And falling into this pitfall is very easy to do

You probably have read about this rule in the many of the hundreds of books or articles that mention it, but never actually practiced it. Most of us who have heard of it never give it a passing thought as we continue onwards wasting away the precious time life gives us day to day. But amazingly the 80-20 rule can help both people and businesses achieve greater results while using less time, money, and energy.

For more success in life, especially for more money, you must start implementing the 80-20 rule immediately. It will help your career life as well as your personal life like nothing ever has before and as a bonus, following the 80-20 rule day in and day out can make you very wealthy over the long term.

You are probably asking yourself why everyone does not follow this rule if it is so powerful: because it requires creative thinking and mental work. Sadly, many people just do not have the ability to think differently or becoming unconventional in their routines, beyond what is already “comfortable” to them.

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